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E. its semantics. e. the change in values stored in registers and memory. Not every change need be recorded but rather the end result of a given portion of code. The size of these portions differ, but generally it is either a basic block [37, 38] or a procedure [36]. Computing the effect of executing a basic block is straightforward as, barring exception handling, execution flows through successive instructions in the block. The semantics of a block follows from the functional composition of semantics of individual instructions.

15] proposed to treat all permutations of a single n-gram as equal. Thus, in the example given earlier, the string ‘ababc’ with 2-grams ‘ab’, ‘ba’, and ‘bc’ would only have 2-perms of ‘ab’ and ‘bc’. The 2-grams ‘ab’ and ‘ba’ would be considered equal and only ‘ab’ stored. Examples of byte code and the corresponding n-grams and n-perms are given in Table 1. The byte code is the hexadecimal representation of a binary. The 2grams are created by sliding a window of size two across the individual bytes and recording unique sequences.

V. : Theory of Self-reproducing Automata. IEEE Trans. Neural Networks. 5(1), 3–14 (1994) 2. : Computer viruses. PhD thesis, University of Southern California (1985) 3. Measuring and optimizing malware analysis: An open model. C,Technical report, Securosis (2012) 4. : Automated sample processing, Technical Report, Mcafee AVERT, Auckland, New Zealand (2006) Malware and Machine Learning 39 5. : Principles of Program Analysis. Springer, Berlin (1999). ISBN 9783540654100 6. : Disassembly of executable code revisited.

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A. A. Lyapunov (on his 60th birthday)

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