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40 Verse Chronicle: Sins and Sensibility It’s about what all stories are about, the bargain they offer or deny the heart: to get home, leave home; pack; at dawn set out on a trip dusk closes where it started. I like this better each time I read it—that beast who’s a secret logician, that careful placement of “pack” (like a motherly reminder), and the hut on chicken legs, as weird as anything in Auden, or weirder! The tale has bends in it perfectly describes her narrative method. Ponsot’s first book, True Minds, was published in 957, her next not for almost a quarter-century.

Hudgins is given to linking plant life to the fall of cities in a time-honored preacherly way, but when he turns to history he sometimes forgets Verse Chronicle: Sins and Sensibility 45 all about his South. He gives a reading of contemporary Russia as dry-eyed as any politics in Auden, and an anecdote out of the Gallic Wars as brutal as any murder in Hecht. We plowed our charred fields, using each other as oxen. Some of us found new gods, and some of those gods were Roman. We paid our grain levies and, when he demanded them, we sent our sons to Caesar and he made them soldiers.

Their repartees and impromptus. Perhaps there, at the edge of a crowd, hovering as two men squared off to fight, as that earlier traveler along the Mississippi had cocked his ear to two boatmen squabbling over a Choctaw girl, Whitman heard his brags. Were they among the repartees and impromptus? ) If so, the brags’ pose of a rough among roughs, their native wit and sweetly gruesome metaphor, their dramaturgy and pretense, their indomitable American I lie somewhere behind the great stage curtain of Leaves of Grass.

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