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Talbot (1954) ‘Chaucer the pilgrim’, Proceedings of the Modern Language Association 69, 928–36; repr. in Speaking of Chaucer (London: Athlone; New York: Norton, 1970), 1–12. In distinguishing Chaucer the poet from Chaucer the pilgrim–narrator, Donaldson opened the way for multiple new critical readings of the irony produced by the simultaneous naïveté of the pilgrim and the moral judgement of the author in the pilgrim portraits of the General Prologue. Georgianna, Linda (1990) ‘The Protestant Chaucer’, in Chaucer’s Religious Tales, ed.

A paradigm-shifting text for mid-century students of Chaucer. Robertson, in arguing an Augustinian religious context for much of Chaucer’s work, opened the way to new historicist readings of Chaucer’s art in its time. , ed. : Pilgrim Books). Extensive and thoughtful analyses of the major editions of Chaucer’s work by a variety of well-respected scholars and editors. Schuler, Robert (1984) ‘The Renaissance Chaucer as alchemist’, Viator 53, 305–33. Schuler identifies and analyses a considerable but littleknown series of Renaissance texts which accord Chaucer status as master-alchemist.

Non-aristocratic, non-clerical vernacular poets like Chaucer were engaged in a process not of manipulating a given medium, but of engaging multiple challenges in ways that gradually precipitated an authoritative medium for their own and their Renaissance followers’ endeavours, even if Renaissance presumptions of literary and indeed political authority typically trimmed and provincialized Chaucer’s full range of negotiations with authority – the ‘Immodesty’, ‘Profanation’ and ‘trivial things’ that Dryden disparages in his preface to his Fables (Wallace 1997: 64).

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