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42 - 3. 7 Mounting arrangements International standards IM Mounting arrangements Example of designations according to Code II IM 1 00 1 Designation for international mounting Type of construction, foot-mounted motor with two bearing end shields Mounting arrangement, horizontal mounting with feet downwards etc. External shaft extension, one cylindrical shaft extension etc. Examples of common mounting arrangements Code I Code II IM B3 IM 1001 IM V5 IM 1011 IM V6 IM 1031 IM B6 IM 1051 IM B7 IM 1061 IM B8 IM 1071 IM B5 IM 3001 IM V1 IM 3011 IM V3 IM 3031 *) IM 3051 *) IM 3061 *) IM 3071 IM B14 IM 3601 IM V18 IM 3611 IM V19 IM 3631 *) IM 3651 *) IM 3661 *) IM 3671 Foot-motor.

G. S2 60 min. Explanation to figures: P = output power D = acceleration N = operation under rated condition F V R PN = = = = electrical braking operation of no load at rest and de-energized full load 60 4. 4 Duty types S3 Intermittent duty A sequence of identical duty cycles, each including a period of operation at constant load and a rest and de-energized period. The duty cycle is too short for thermal equilibrium to be reached. The starting current does not significantly affect the temperature rise.

If the starting torque TS and maximum torque Tmax of the motor are known, together with the nature of the load, the starting time can be approximately calculated with the following equation: tst = (JM +JL) x K1 Tacc where tst = starting time, s Tacc = acceleration torque, K1 Nm K1 = as per table below Speed constant nm K1 nm K1 poles 2 4 3000 1500 314 157 3600 1800 377 188 6 1000 104 1200 125 8 750 78 900 94 10 600 62 720 75 Frequency Hz 50 60 56 4. 5 0 KL Examples from the calculation program starting time If there is gearing between the motor and the driven machine, the load torque must be recalculated to the motor speed, with the aid of the following formula: T'L = TL x nL nM The moment of inertia must also be recalculated using: nL 2 (n ) J'L = JL x M 57 4.

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