Alpha Teach Yourself Grammar and Style in 24 Hours by Pamela Rice Hahn PDF

By Pamela Rice Hahn

ISBN-10: 0028638999

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Offers uncomplicated principles of grammar and sentence building, indicates the right kind use of punctuation, and discusses type, study, and enhancing.

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Some say sunshine soothes the soul. 7 8 Hour 1 Okay, these are extreme examples. But you get the idea. Alter your alliteration to accommodate the particular purpose planned for your prose. ALLUSION An allusion is an indirect reference to something else. It is employed by a speaker who assumes his audience will understand what he’s saying. g. When a Southern Baptist minister alludes to the Good Book, his congregation knows he means the Bible. ANTHROPOMORPHISM Anthropomorphism is a big word that refers to human characteristics being attributed to a nonhuman object.

A. phonetics b. malapropism c. semantics d. assonance ANSWERS 1. b 6. c 2. c 7. b 3. a 8. a 4. d 9. d 5. b 10. a RECAP This Hour covered the meaning of grammar and some of the elements that help give our language its nuances and distinctions. ” HOUR 2 Mastering the Basic Parts of a Sentence You may be wondering why we’re starting off with sentences before we cover the parts of speech used to construct a sentence. It’s like building a house. You start with the foundation, but before you do that, you have to clear the ground and measure its dimensions.

As you’ll learn in Hour 2, “Mastering the Basic Parts of a Sentence,” sentences and sentence order are important. 5 6 Hour 1 The words within a sentence are at work on six different levels simultaneously. CONTEXT Context refers to the time and place in which an utterance occurs. Cultural context involves the things a person brings to the meaning or the interpretation of that meaning based on such things as national origin or religion. The linguistic context is the setting (words, phrases, and sentences) in which the text occurs.

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