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Discussion is encouraged during this review, and you will be asked to describe your understanding of the anger management concepts. Homework Assignment Have group members refer to the participant workbook. Ask them to monitor and record their highest level of anger on the anger meter during the coming week. Ask them to identify the event that made them angry, the cues that were associated with the anger-provoking event, and the strategies they used to manage their anger in response to the event.

Rather than continue with these beliefs, you can try to dispute them. ” These are examples of ways to dispute beliefs that you may have already encountered in 12-Step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. People may have many other irrational beliefs that may lead to anger. Consider an example where a friend of yours disagrees with you. ” If you hold such a belief, you are likely to get upset and angry when you face rejection. However, if you dispute this irrational belief by saying, “I can’t please everyone; some people are not going to approve of everything I do,” you will most likely start to calm down and be able to control your anger more easily.

Hold the tension and release it. Let the tension in your arms unfold and your hands float back to your thighs. Feel the tension drain out of your arms. Again, curl your arms to tighten your biceps. Notice the tension, hold, and release. Let the tension flow out of your arms. Replace it with deep muscle relaxation. Now raise your shoulders toward your ears. Really tense your shoulders. Hold them up for a second. Gently drop your shoulders, and release all the tension. Again, lift your shoulders, hold the tension, and release.

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