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This e-book is the 1st of a bigger undertaking that i could try and entire. A moment quantity can be dedicated to the asymptotic research of multivariate integrals over small wedges and their purposes. a 3rd one should still expand a few of the result of the 1st volumes to the countless dimensional environment, the place there are a few in all probability impressive purposes within the research of stochastic approaches.

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Bound above and bellow — the curvatures, and for this purpose, let us denote λmin D2 I(p) and λmax D2 I(p) the smallest and the largest eigenvalues of the symmetric definite positive d × d matrix D2 I(p). 3. PROPOSITION. For any x in Tp ΛI(p) , Ricc(x, x) (d − 2) λmin D2 I(p) |x|2 . , x, y = 0 — then 2 K(x, y) λmax D2 I(p) |x||y| . |DI(p)|2 48 Chapter 4. Analyzing the leading term for some smooth sets Proof. Since D2 I is a symmetric definite positive matrix, so is S(p). Let 0 s1 ··· sd−1 be the eigenvalues and e1 , .

The differential of ψt at some point p, which we denote either by Dψt (p) or ψt∗ (p), maps Tp ΛI(p) to Tψt (p) ΛI(p)+t . We will need some estimates on this differential, and we first calculate its derivative with respect to t. 5. LEMMA. The following holds D2 I ψt (p) ψt∗ (p) . |DI|2 d ψt∗ (p) = Id − 2N ⊗ N ψt (p) dt Proof. 1 yields d d ψt∗ = ψt dt dt ∗ = DI ◦ ψt |DI|2 ∗ = DI |DI|2 ∗ (ψt ) ◦ ψt∗ by the chain rule. Therefore, D2 I DI DI D2 I d ψt∗ = (ψ ) ◦ ψ − 2 ⊗ (ψt ) ◦ ψt∗ . t t∗ dt |DI|2 |DI| |DI| |DI|2 This is the result since N = DI/|DI|.

A→∞ p∈AM In the same spirit, we see that it does not make any difference in the asymptotic analysis if we replace A by A ∩ ΓI(A)+cA,M . Thus, if cA,M stays bounded, the set A is quite small in the geometry of the level sets of I. 1, but keeping u0 fixed. This would introduce an incomplete gamma function. In order to simplify the result, we assume that cA,M is chosen such that lim cA,M = +∞ . 6) This assumption is satisfied in all the applications that follow; but the reader will see that up to changing some constant in the asymptotics, the proof still goes through without it.

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