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В книге представлен огромный выбор причёсок с длинными волосами, преимущественно косы. Подробные поэтапные инструкции помогут выполнить понравившуюся причёску.

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48,49 Sensory nerves form plexuses around the hair follicles, and free nerve endings extend through papillary dermis towards epidermis. Specialized nerve endings, such as Meissner’s corpuscles and Vater-Pacini corpuscles, are situated at the papillary dermis and subcutaneous fat concomitantly (Fig. 118). 20 į FIGURE 1-16 Striated voluntary muscles. Muscles of hair erection are smooth muscles associated with the hair follicles in the dermis. 47 Nonstriated smooth muscles are also present in external genitalia and areola.

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