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By Jeremiah L. Alberg

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Jeremiah Alberg’s attention-grabbing booklet explores a phenomenon virtually each information reader has skilled: the curious tendency to skim over dispatches from conflict zones, political battlefields, and monetary facilities, merely to be drawn in by means of headlines asserting a late-breaking scandal. Rationally we'd agree that the previous are of extra value and value, yet they don't pique our interest in rather an identical method. The affective response to scandal is one either one of curiosity and of embarrassment or anger on the curiosity. The reader is whilst drawn to and repulsed through it. underneath the Veil of the unusual Verses describes the roots out of which this conflicted wish grows, and it explores how this hope mirrors the violence that undergirds the scandal itself. The ebook exhibits how readers appear to be faced with a stark selection: both shy away from scandal thoroughly or develop into enthralled and hence trapped by means of it. utilizing examples from philosophy, literature, and the Bible, Alberg leads the reader on a street out of this fake dichotomy. via its nature, the writer argues, scandal is the root of our analyzing; it's the resource of the stumbling blocks that hinder us from knowing what we learn, and of the bridges that result in a deeper take hold of of the reality.

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The Grand Canyon itself is measured against everything I have ever heard or read about it. The idea here is not that it is better to approach the canyon with an “empty head” rather than knowing about its geological formations and history. 11 The problem lies in another direction. Human knowing, instead of appreciating the Grand Canyon in its “suchness,” compares it with its own conception as preformed by such things as precepts, words, and images of the canyon. The seemingly innocent saying “It’s as pretty as a picture,” uttered while surveying the Grand Canyon, reveals a massive epistemological reversal.

Socrates expels Dionysian pessimism by means of theoretical optimism. This optimism consists in the threefold belief that “Virtue is knowledge[;] all sins arise from ignorance[;] the virtuous man is the happy man” (69). These positions are not unfamiliar, but what is unfamiliar is the genealogy that Nietzsche gives them. They do not stem, according to Nietzsche, from any Platonic insight into the Good; instead, they stem from a turning away from the deeper truth of Dionysus and from the attempt to expel it.

For Euripides as well as Socrates, “in order to be beautiful, everything must be conscious” (64). Nietzsche is claiming that Socrates, and after him the whole philosophic tradition, made no attempt to get to the heart of tragedy, which is the beauty of the unintelligible or, more precisely, the making beautiful of that which we refuse to understand—the violent sacred. Instead, Socrates and the tradition rejected tragedy, fought against it, and expelled it. It might seem that rejecting the aestheticizing of what we refuse to understand is a step toward the truth, but in rejecting tragedy philosophy rejected the means by which it could have had access to the reality that tragedy represents.

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