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By Freeman Dyson

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And over them we built the cairn. I do not know how long we were there, but when all was finished and the chapter of Corinthians had been read, it was midnight of some day. The sun was dipping low above the Pole, the Barrier was almost in shadow. And the sky was blazing - sheets and sheets of iridescent clouds. The cairn and Cross stood dark against a glory of burnished gold. Cherry-Garrard ends his last-but-one chapter with the text of Scott’s message to the public, found among the papers in the tent.

It contained nothing but a long list of prime numbers. I could see that the numbers were all the primes between one and a thousand. Elly glanced through the list rapidly, then took a pen- 134 The Tanner Lectures on Human Values cil and gleefully crossed out the number 703. She was laughing and singing with joy. I asked her why she didn’t like the number 703, since it looked to me like a perfectly good prime. ” With that there could be no argument. So I knew that even the most alien intelligence has something in common with us.

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Bombs and Poetry by Freeman Dyson

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