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By Patricia Bragg, Paul Bragg

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I'm virtually surprised to determine that no-one have possible learn and rated this precise publication. have had a nasty again all my existence, not able to even perform Chi Kung with out hurting it! on the first try out of this easy regimen of again stretching, i think younger back: 30 years much less in subject of again ease and confort! try out it!

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Once you train yourself to sit correctly, however, you will find it much more relaxing, and actually restful, because the body will be in a natural position. Start now! People who make positive improvements in their lifestyles significantly reduce the risk of back problems, cancer and heart disease. 43 Excerpt from The Bragg Back Fitness book – Make copy and share with friends. WHERE DO YOU STAND? POSTURE CHART PERFECT FAIR POOR HEAD SHOULDERS SPINE HIPS 44 ANKLES NECK UPPER BACK TRUNK ABDOMEN LOWER BACK Your posture carries you through life from your head to your feet.

If a person had no ribs and bumped into something, even a small bump might collapse the lungs or damage the heart. The lower rib cage also shelters, in back and at the sides, the kidneys and major organs of the upper digestive system. As noted, the ribs are supported by the spinal column. The pelvic bones, which include the base of the spinal column (sacrum and coccyx) and the hip bones, protect the bladder and reproductive organs. Structure of the Spinal Column 22 How is this marvelous pivot of the human skeleton constructed?

It begins in infancy and continues throughout life. As noted previously, the human species is still learning how to keep erect posture. Posture means how we hold our bodies. Proper posture is the balanced alignment of the body. When standing erect, an imaginary plumb line representing the center of gravity should fall in alignment with the top center of the skull through the center of the ear, and through the centers of the joints at the shoulder, to the rest of the body; shoulders straight; chest up and Walking Posture Walking posture: Always prepare a new base before leaving the old.

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